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Welcome to The Showroom Theatre, an iconic beacon of creativity and cultural diversity nestled in the heart of the Karoo. Boasting world-class facilities for theatre, cinema, and the arts, we are a hub for community transformation and empowerment, showcasing an array of local and international talent. Join us in our journey to celebrate the arts and foster community spirit, one performance at a time

It’s Showtime folks

After an absence of three years, The Showroom theatre, a newly acquired asset and flagship social enterprise project of the Prince Albert Community Trust (PACT), re-opens its doors wide to one and all… 

More than 10 years ago, The Showroom opened with the aim of creating a world class venue in the Karoo, one that could serve as a multi-cultural creative space that would contain a theatre, cinema, gallery, seminar venue, and more. Then and now, the list of possibilities for this establishment, are endless. 

The Showroom boasts state-of-the-art theatre and cinema equipment, making it suitable to facilitate and attract world-class performers. Over the past few years, it has hosted such celebrities as Nianell, Matthys Roets, Anna Davel, Heinz Winckler, Rocco De Villiers, Barry Hilton, Gys De Villiers, and a host of other artists, shows and film festivals.

PACT, supported by a range of benefactors, now lead the way with The Showroom becoming the centre of community transformation, empowerment and a platform to showcase local talent in all areas of development, ranging from management, marketing, administration, performance and behind the scenes services, such as sound and lighting.

The Showroom will also continue to attract and host a diverse range of 5-star events across the full spectrum of the arts and is also set to become a star venue for PACT’s annual Journey to Jazz festival. 

We’d love you to be ‘Friends’ with us and join us on a journey of transforming our community through supporting The Showroom.


Multi talented Oudtshoorn born Faren Esau brings her knowledge and experience of festivals and theatre to the Showroom.

Local Lap musician extraordinaire Naaim Briesies has all the skillsets needed, sharpened by his 5 years as PACT Centre Manager.

Bokke enthusiast, Percval Koonthea, poster boy Barista of PACT, now steps up to the plate as head of the Showoom Café.


Idols wenner, Karin Kortje, is op die verhoog by The Showroom Theatre met die legendariese GMinor. Dit beloof om ‘n aand van lekker dans, lekker saam sing en samesyn te wees. Kom kuier saam met Karin terwyl sy en GMinor jou op ‘n magiese reis neem met bekende liedjies.

Datum: 18 Mei 2024
Tyd: 20:00

amy winehouse - the diva and her demons

Rebellious, adamant, gifted, Amy Winehouse was – first and foremost – a jazz singer. This often gets lost within the scope of her enormous pop stardom, her tempestuous love life and substance-abuse problems.  She passed away aged only 27, but if we really want to understand how Amy Winehouse died, we need to look at how she lived…

Amy Winehouse – The Diva and her Demons unpacks the brief and impactful life of this once-in-a-generation talent who captured the imagination of both the mainstream pop chart and lovers of the timeless soul music of yesteryear.  The cautionary tale/tribute show features 12 of Amy’s hits acoustically interpreted for a live trio.  With Kerry Hiles (bass), Rob Thompson (guitar) and Kristo Zondagh (drums).

Date: 31 May 2024
Time: 19:00